PUBG NEW STATE Features Drones, Electric Cars, Weapons, Green Flare, and more

PUBG NEW STATE Features Drones, Electric Cars, Weapons, Green Flare, and more – PUBG Corporation has officially announced PUBG: New State, a new game for Android and iOS devices, and  Pre-registrations are currently being accepted on the Google Play Store and App Store. And the Alpha Test is exclusively available for Android users in Turkey, Egypt, the Middle East, and Asia, as mentioned by Krafton before.

To participate in this procedure, players must have a device that runs Android 6.0 or higher and has at least 2.5 GB of RAM. Read more PUBG New State ban period and full-list of anti-cheat measures revealed

PUBG New State beta APK download link, major features, gameplay, and more

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In this article, we will talk about the main features of PUBG: NEW STATE. Drones, electric cars, green rocket launchers and much more are waiting for us. Read more PUBG New State announces Partner program, anti-cheat system, and esports tournaments in the media showcase

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Eligible countries began alpha testing of PUBG: NEW STATE on Android. Therefore, many users have already appreciated its gameplay. The new PUBG takes place in 2051. So NEW STATE offers players exciting new opportunities. What we are going to talk about today.

Electric cars

PUBG NEW STATE will feature modern electric vehicles. It will be a fast and reliable form of transport.

  • Electric cars allow you to quickly gain high speed. And also do not create unnecessary noise.
  • The vehicle is equipped with an additional acceleration option. But keep in mind that it quickly consumes battery power.
  • Driving inside the blue zone also depletes the vehicle’s battery faster.

Trams are another exclusive form of transport in PUBG: NEW STATE. They allow the player to quickly move the map. Therefore, do not forget about trams when you need to get into the safe area.

  • Players cannot destroy or stop the tram.
  • Trams move along a specific route at a constant speed.
  • The location of trams can be tracked on a map.

Transport doors

You can use vehicle doors as an effective cover.

  • Clicking on the doors of a nearby vehicle allows them to open.
  • Further open doors can be used as cover during a firefight.
  • You can also access equipment hidden inside the car.

Recruiting a knocked-out enemy

You can invite knocked-down enemies to become part of your team. However, please note that each team has a maximum of four people.

Weapon customization

The game offers the ability to customize 13 types of weapons.

  • The customization set found during the game can only be used with the specified weapon type.
  • Bundles purchased from the store can be used with any weapon.
  • The kit can only be used once.

Game store

Users can buy various items during the match. For this, there is a special game store with drone delivery. For the purchase, the currency is used, which can be found on the card.

  • Purchased items are sealed in a box.
  • Drones deliver purchases to a specified location on the map.

Game currency BP

While playing PUBG: NEW STATE, the player receives Battlegrounds Points. You can later spend them in the in-game cosmetics store.

Search drones

The developers said that search drones will appear in the game.

  • Use drones for aerial reconnaissance.
  • Get a tactical advantage over the enemy.
  • Do not forget that you can be vulnerable while flying the drone.

Deployable Shields

In PUBG: NEW STATE, a new and unique type of equipment will be added. These are deployable bulletproof shields.

  • Use your shield anywhere to create cover during a firefight.
  • The installed shield cannot be moved.
  • Shields can be found along with regular equipment on the map.
  • You can also buy shields in a special store with drone delivery.

Green Flare Launcher

Just like in PUBG Mobile, a rocket launcher will appear in PUBG NEW STATE. However, surprisingly, it has a completely different purpose.

  • The green rocket launcher allows you to revive a deceased comrade.
  • You can use one rocket launcher one time.
  • You can use the rocket launcher during any stage of the game.
  • Reborn comrades start the game without equipment.

Bullet-proof vest “Dyneema”

  • The Dyneema body armor is more effective than standard armor against short and medium range ammunition. These are 9mm, 5.56mm and .45 ACP calibers.
  • Compared to standard armor, Dyneema is less resistant to damage from 7.62 mm, 12 and 300 Magnum cartridges.

You can see all these features in this video:

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