PUBG New State: Royale Pass information leaked online

As the release date of PUBG New State is drawing close, a number of speculations and leaks by data miners are also increasing day by day. Recently, a very popular data miner leaked some important updates regarding the game. Information regarding the Royale Pass and special characters was also leaked.

This article shares all the information that was leaked by popular sources regarding the Royale Pass in PUBG New State.

Sources leaks Royale Pass and other update of PUBG New State before launch

According to the developers, PUBG New State is based on the futuristic theme where the players will enter a virtual world in 2051. The theme is named “PUBG Universe 2051 Collapse“.

As per the source, the Royale Pass will be just like the pass of the global variant of PUBG Mobile. However, it will be a monthly pass (begins at the start of the month and ends by the last date). The monthly passes will also have a story mode describing the theme of the game and most likely the journey of the special characters. Read more PUBG New State gameplay story mode, characters: Everything you need to know

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Video source: ClassifiedYT/ YouTube

The special characters are four distinct playable characters. The sources assume they will also have special abilities to dispense on the ground.

Players will also be able to purchase NCs (Alternative or representative of the UCs in PUBG Mobile) in the game. Then they can use these NCs to buy their monthly Royale Pass. Read more What is the minimum Android and iOS device requirement for PUBG New State?

PUBG New State Game settings and in-game Features explained

Leaked Royale Pass mission in PUBG New State (Image via ClassifiedYT)

It has been further known that the Royale Pass missions will be divided into 4 weeks where players have to complete each week’s mission sets to progress to the max Royale Pass reward tier.

Disclaimer: All the information provided here is based on popular sources and speculations. Hence, the details discussed here may or may not appear officially. All the information has been collected from Classified YT (source).

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