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How to use OnePlus Game Space: Useful Tips For Gamers [OnePlus]

OnePlus was about value above all else: It provided flagship-level components with its own unique software customizations and optimizations via a single handset each year and a price that deeply undercut the most popular premium smartphones. and always handsets feature a stunning & modern design.

Before this app is not on the google play store. To use this game space app, the user has to download the apk file, and then they would use it. But now it is for all OnePlus devices officially on the Google play store.

What is game space in OnePlus?

Game Space is essentially a custom launcher for your Android games. It has a simple and colorful UI that lays out all your games in a side-scrolling format.

It has been designed keeping in mind both casual and hardcore gamers. it provides no disturbance to the player during playing the game. It optimizes the whole phone according to game requirements and it monitors the battery, playing quality, and temperature of the phone as well. p

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The idea is to give users great gaming experiences with a phone that sells at a more affordable price compared to other flagship phones.

The game space app will not come by default. You have to download manually from the google play store. But in some After installing the game space you will see the instant game option, epic game option, and the rest of the games in one place that are already installed on your phone. Read more OnePlus 9 Series Update Tracker [OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, 9R, 9RT]

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How to use OnePlus Game Space for better gaming performance

Instant game option- You can play games instantly without any downloads. Here you will find many games which are not required to be downloaded from the play store. Directly you can tap on play and start playing that game.

The game statistics- This option is at top of the screen, in this, you can see gaming time and the days and along with that you can also see that for how much time you have played the game and the most played game, you can check most played game within the last 3 month and last 7 days. In this you can also find the battery usage option, by this, you can see the entire usage of the battery.

Optimize the game automatic recognition solution- Most of the games can be recognized by the game space, if you had any game installed on your phone it will be automatically recognized and will be added to the game space.
Inside the game space setting, you got options like.

Hide game space- Game space will be hidden from the app drawer

Show game icons in-game space only- By this you can enable/disable your phone game icon from the app drawer.

Show instant games in-game space- if you want to disable the instant game feature that can be disabled from here.

Other settings:-

  • Answer calls via speaker
  • How to show notification
  • Notification for 3rd party call
  • Disable automatic brightness
  • Graphic optimization
  • Haptic feedback enhancement
  • Intelligent network management
  • Fnatic mode

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