Google Workspace and Chrome OS received several new features in recent updates

In recent updates, Google Workspace, as well as Chrome OS, received several new features that brought in more helpful and easy functionality for their users. Including features like Google Magic and Meet’s background noise reduction, there have been other updates as well.

This article shares a full list of features for Google Workspace and Chrome OS that they received recently.

Full list of new features in Google Workspace and Chrome OS

Chrome Side Search feature

Chrome OS has now brought in a new feature called Chrome Side Search. It is exclusive to Chrome OS and it lets you view a page right in your main browser window without needing to navigate back and forth or losing your search results. The goal of this experiment is to explore how Chrome can better help users easily compare results.

Chrome OS auto light and dark switching wallpaper collection

Chrome OS Canary now has a pretty cool feature. It offered wallpapers that automatically switch between a bright and dark mode version based on the user’s system theme. While this is still not in Stable, it has been accessible on the developer channel for some time.

New Google Magic feature in Google Classroom

Google is announcing “practice sets,” a new feature for students and teachers who are using Google Classroom.  Practice sets will make it easier for teachers to create and grade practice activities and reduce learner frustration by providing just-in-time support for students. Google relies on a number of amazing technology (called “Google Magic”). For starters, practice sets can recognize questions and problems in existing PDF files and photos posted to Google Classroom.

Background Noise Reduction feature in Google Meet

Google announced recently that, to help limit distractions in a video call, Google Meet devices can remove background noises such as typing, closing a door, or the sounds of a nearby construction site. Noise cancellation helps make calls more productive by reducing distractions that can divert attention away from the content of the meeting. 

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Other important updates

Other than these updates, Google has also worked on several other features too:

  • Google has now doubled the cell limit in Google Sheets for Workspace accounts
  • Google Chat will now show ‘In a meeting’ or ‘In Focus Time’ from Calendar.

Story source – Collected via Chrome Unboxed

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