Google planning to launch a new Nest Hub with detachable tablet by 2022

Google has so far introduced three Assistant Smart Displays. But as of now, trustable sources like 9to5 Google can officially confirm that it is developing a redesigned Nest Hub for 2022, featuring a dockable tablet form factor in which the screen detaches from a base/speaker.

The Nest Hub (2nd gen) with Soli radar for sleep tracking and air gestures starts at $99.99 (7,624.61 INR) today in Google’s smart display range. It was released a year ago and promoted as a low-cost “bedside companion” that functions well even if you don’t utilize the health features.

There’s also the Nest Hub Max from 2019, which costs $229 and has a larger 10-inch screen and more powerful audio technology, which Google wants to advertise for the kitchen and also functions as a video conference device.

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Google’s next Nest Hub w/ detachable tablet is set to release by the end of 2022

The next Nest Smart Display, according to a source familiar with Google’s plans, would include a detachable screen that can be used as a tablet. It connects to the base/speaker to create a more traditional-looking smart home gadget.

This new form factor arrives after Google spent the previous two months adding more UI components to the second-generation Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Swiping up from the bottom unveils a row of “apps” above the settings bar. From there, you may launch a full-screen grid of icons. Because the Nest Hub’s applications and games are simply web views, this is effectively a shortcut launcher.

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Speaking of the web, Google spent the end of last year developing a more feature-rich browser, complete with a Gboard-style keyboard. You may also send websites directly to your phone and enable text-to-speech features.

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Both of these changes might be thought of as establishing the framework for a tablet-like experience, with web browsing being a popular task on large displays.

Many details concerning the implementation remain unknown, including what operating system and experience the undocked tablet will offer. Chrome OS is likely to be too power-hungry (and hence expensive) given the low cost of Nest devices, but Android would allow access to current apps and the Play Store.

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In the market, Lenovo sells a $270 Android tablet that connects to a speaker bar/dock that runs Amazon Alexa. Lenovo also sells a $189 tablet with a docking station that supports Google Assistant Ambient Mode. Regarding the launch of this new format, sources say, it might appear by this year, 2022.

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