OnePlus 10R Users Facing Some Bugs & Issues [6th August]

OnePlus 10R is a mid-range Flagship phone of 2022 released after the OnePlus 10 PRO. It is equipped with a new design, MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Max processor, extremely fast charging, and OxygenOS 12.1 based on Android 12 and more.

This phone is similar to Realme GT Neo 3, and the OnePlus also confirmed that the OnePlus 10R is made for the global market and the OnePlus ACE is for the China region. Read more [Updated – A.07] OnePlus 10R getting June 2022 security patch update with several fixes

Despite many new things like design, processors, and more, the OnePlus 10R did not do well in the market, and as per reviews, many users did not like the phone and faced many issues like heating and freezing. We have made a list of the problems users face from all over the globe. Read more OnePlus Rolling Out July 2022 Security Update For OnePlus 8 [C.32]

DateIssue OnePlus 10R
2 August, 2022App is not openeing in single touch randomly. I have got two replacement devices. All having same issue. Even OnePlus store demo piece also having issue. Second replacement i have got after 25 days. This is ridiculous. Click here for more info
25, July 2022Bug in the camera while making a video call. Click here for more info
24, July 2022Calendar app is not working. Click here for the link
22, July 2022The phone is detected as an MTK USB Device every 10 seconds, Attempts to connect to the phone via ADB were unsuccessful. Click here for the link
12, July 2022Fingerprint issue. Click here for the link. 
08, July 2022Doesn’t connect to wifi many times. Click here for the link
03, July 2022Battery draining fast issue. Click here for the link.

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