OnePlus 10 Pro Update Info: Latest Android & Security Patch Update Tracker [March 17, 2023]

The OnePlus 10 Pro is the company’s flagship smartphone which has all top-end specifications and receives all the latest software early as compared to other OnePlus devices.

As you already know, OnePlus has extended the software update policy of its devices, in which it will provide Four years of Major updates and five years of security patch update support to its smartphones which will launch in 2023 and later. 

Sadly, the OnePlus 10 Pro will not be part of the new update policy because it was launched in January 2022. But without any doubt, it will have three major updates. However, now, two major updates of the OnePlus 10 Pro are only left because it has already received its first major update, i.e. that is OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13 with the firmware version NE2211.11.C.21 (India).

In February 2023, OnePlus introduced the most awaited flagship smartphones OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R in Indian market with few other OnePlus devices like OnePlus TV, OnePlus tablet and more.

Interesting fact about the OnePlus 11 is soon after the release company rolled out the two OTA update for optimization the Camera, Game assistant, and more.

In this article in which we will only focus on the OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone and its updates so that you may be aware of the latest update for the phones and can update regularly and use the phone seamlessly. 

InterestinglyWe will give you an updated information record about the OnePlus 10 Pro. So without any doubt, you can save a link or bookmark it for future updates. 

OnePlus 10 Pro 

Release DateSecurity Patch-MonthFirmware VersionAndroid OS/UI
Aug 19, 2022July 2022NE2211.11.A.16 (India)Android 12/ OxygenOS 12.1
Aug 19, 2022July 2022NE2213.11.A.16(Europe)Android 12/ OxygenOS 12.1
Aug 31, 2022UnknownXXXXXXXXC.18Android 13/ ColorOS 13 (Open Beta)
Sept 21, 2022UnknownNE2211.11.C.19 (India)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Sept 21, 2022UnknownNE2213.11.C.19(Europe)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Sept 21, 2022UnknownNE2215.11.C.19 (North America)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Sept 23, 2022UnknownXXXXXXX.C.19Android 13/ ColorOS 13
Oct 03, 2022UnknownNE2211.11.C.19 (China)Unknown
Oct 03, 2022UnknownNE2213.11.C.20 (Europe)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Oct 03, 2022UnknownNE2211.11.C.20 (India)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Oct 22, 2022October 2022XXXXXXXXA.18Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Oct 25, 2022UnknownNE2210.11.C.21 (China)Android 13/ ColorOS 13
Oct 27, 2022October 2022NE2211.11.C.21 (India)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Oct 27, 2022October 2022NE2213.11.C.21(Europe)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Oct 27, 2022October 2022NE2215.11.C.21 (North America)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Nov 08, 2022October 2022XXXXXXXX.C22Android 13/ ColorOS 13
Nov 29, 2022November 2022NE2211.11.C.22 (India)Android 13/ Oxygenos 13
Nov 29, 2022November 2022NE2213.11.C.22 (Europe)Android 13/ Oxygenos 13
Nov 29, 2022November 2022NE2215.11.C.22 (North America)Android 13/ Oxygenos 13
Jan 05, 2023December 2022NE2211.11.C.25 (India)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Jan 07, 2023December 2022NE2210.11.C.26 (China)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Feb 01, 2023January 2023NE2211.11.C.26 (India)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Feb 01, 2023January 2023NE2213.11.C.26 (Europe)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
Feb 01, 2023January 2023NE2215.11.C.26 (North America)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13
March 16, 2023March 2023NE2211_11_C.29 (India)Android 13/ OxygenOS 13

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