Here’s A First Look At Android 14’s New Notetaking Feature

At the beginning of the month, Google released Android 14 Beta 4 as the company prepares for the final release of the operating system update. The new version mostly includes bug fixes but also introduces a great feature to simplify multitasking. There’s a new unique notetaking feature for the stylus in Android 14 that deserves your attention.

According to the information, Android 14 adds a new option for a notetaking feature to improve multitasking. With the new Android version, the company aims to make smartphones a little more accessible, along with tablets and foldable.

According to Mishaal Rahman, Android 14 adds a new role called ROLE_NOTES. This role can be granted only to apps that target SDK 34, and that handle the android.intent.action.CREATE_NOTE intent with the category set to DEFAULT and the showWhenLocked and turnScreenOn flags.

Notably, the new notetaking system integration via the Notes role is already off. Now, the new feature enables the unique notetaking feature for styluses. For that, open the Settings > System > Developer options, toggle “Force enable Notes role”, and reboot.

If an app qualifies for the Notes role, the user can make it a Notes role holder by going to Settings > Apps > Default apps > Notes app. In addition, this page can also be accessed via a shortcut when the stylus is connected or via the Lock screen shortcut settings page.

notetaking feature

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