Google Maps Preapring For Redesign Sidebar On Android Auto

Google has already rolled out some latest updates for Android Auto, and now again it is preparing for its latest update, in which it redesign Google Maps for Android Auto. This brilliant technology of Android Auto offers the facility to the users to connect their phone to the car and hit the road. The time when the company realizes the need for any change in it, then it releases new updates.

If the news is to be believed, then Google is preparing for the latest update. Previously some buttons and icons were scattered in the UI due to which it’s getting tough and irritating to find them for users. Keeping this issue in mind the company is preparing for the new update in which it will fix this issue with a new sidebar in Google Maps on Android Auto.

At the moment, when users open Google maps on Android Auto, so presently for Zoom, compass, and voice navigation buttons UI shows them at the lower left corner of the UI in a vertical manner. On the other hand, the setting button appears in the lower right corner.

Once when the users set a destination then start navigating to it. It starts to mix and merge all the setting gear icons with the ETA and distance of the destination. Due to this, it happens that if the eye is removed from it for a long time, then it is not easy to understand seeing it once.

Now in the new update, a new sidebar will appear in which, compass, voice navigation buttons in neat vertical manner. And the setting button now will join the other button on the left side but this time all will appear in the top aligned. And the map zoom button remains bottom aligned, and also the zoom control appears in a pill-shaped container with a horizontal separator.

However, some of these changes of redesign on Google map for Android Auto are spotted on the 9.9 version, but version 10 is already rolled out for beta users. And the rearrangement of the button is not available in the latest version, which indicates that Google is examining A/B testing the latest button layout.

This rearrangement of the buttons will enhance the user’s experience and make a convenient button model.

Android Auto Google Map

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