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How To Fix Green Line Issue On Your Samsung Phone Screen

Green line is a very prevalent issue on Android phones, and it has been seen on almost every model, like Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, Realme, and others. When this problem occurs, you’ll often see a normal-functioning screen with a thin green line running from top to bottom. Meanwhile, the green line problem on display continues to appear on older Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 models in various markets.

However, the company still needs to find an exact solution to this flaw. However, here are some solutions that may help older Samsung flagship users fix green line problems. This is not the first time Samsung smartphone users have grappled with the green lines or green tint issue. However, over the past few months, the problem mainly occurred in the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, which includes the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Note 20 series.

Another notable thing is that these problems appear after installing the new firmware update, as there has been no damage, accidental drop or water spill. However, we cannot blame the latest software update as many devices have already received the update and are working properly and effectively.

How to Fix the Green Line on Samsung Phone Screen?

Sadly, getting the display replaced is the only way to fix the green lines problem on your Samsung phone screen. There is nothing in the software that can be done by the end-user that can fix the glitch. If you are speculating that this is a software issue, we recommend restarting your phone once you see the green line problem on your Samsung phone. 

Once you are sure that the problem is not caused by software, then you will need to take your Galaxy phone to a service centre or RMA to get it fixed.

Phone is under warranty:

If your Samsung phone is under warranty and shows no signs of external damage or water damage, there is a high chance that the green line problem will be diagnosed as a hardware defect and repaired free of charge under warranty.

Phone is out of warranty:

You are eligible if your Galaxy smartphone is affected by the vertical Green line issue on the display and was purchased within three years. As per the information, Samsung is currently offering one-time free screen replacement on select flagship Galaxy models, including Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series, for a limited period.

Notable, free replacement is applicable when a vertical green line appears on the screen without any external damage or accidental drop by the consumer.


Samsung Green Line Issue:

What is the problem of green line on Samsung devices screen?

Most old Samsung smartphone users complain about a mysterious green line constantly appearing on the screen of their gadgets. Basically, it’s a thin green line running from the top to the bottom of the device’s screen. Although the users are not facing any problem in running the smartphone, but the green line suddenly appearing on the screen is troubling them a lot.

How do I fix the green line on my Samsung phone screen?

Yes, Samsung India is offering free screen replacement to users of select Galaxy models with the green line issue. If your Galaxy smartphone is affected by the vertical line issue on the display without any kind of external damage or accidental drop by the consumer.

Which Samsung devices have the green line problem?

We have come across several cases of Galaxy phones being affected by screen issues. Almost all affected phones have Super AMOLED screens, and green lines automatically appear on them. These models include the Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy M52 5G, etc.

Samsung green line issue solutions

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