Nearby Share Can Have Its Dedicated Folder On Android

Google’s Nearby Share is a service that lets users transfer their data between devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This application is available on smartphones and desktop operating systems, Android and ChromeOS, and Microsoft’s Windows. This helps the users in sharing their files between mobile and desktops. 

Google always says that the service of Nearby Share should provide more convenience to the users. As per the reports, the latest beta update for Google Mobile Service (GMS) reveals that the brand will soon be providing the ability to the platform to save received files in a dedicated folder.  

When this app receives a file from the beginning, it all goes to the download folder. With this update, all the files will be placed in their dedicated folder, through which all the received contents will not be mixed up with the other downloaded items. It seems that Google recently aimed to popularise Nearby Share on Android and add support for sharing files with Windows devices.

Nearby Share Own Dedicated Folder

If the news is to be believed, a post on X shared by @AssembleDebug found a mindblowing tweak to Nearby Share. Indication suggests that received files will be saved in a dedicated folder appropriately named Nearby Share in the downloads directory in future updates. 

This new change indicates that Google also encourages more people to use the feature, and with this change, Google wants to match Apple in a way. This is being speculated because Apple does a brilliant job making everything wireless. For instance, Sidecar, AirPlay, and AirDrop all of these offer convenience to the users. 

Neayby Share

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