“X” Gets New Update For Enhancing Video And Media Contents

Elon Musk’s well-known platform “X,” which was recognized by the name Twitter, got a new update regarding enhancing the video and media uploading experience. Musk, while changing the platform’s name, argued that we will completely rebrand the app not only by changing the name but also by making the features inside it more convenient. 

What’s Upgrading – 

At the moment, X is its new update, by which the user’s video and media experience will surely improve. With this new update, the users, who are premium subscribers, can enjoy stretched-out video options, for instance, up to 2 hours of 1080p quality or 3 hours of 720p quality content. Now, all premium members can access the media studio through 

With this update, the brand permits users to download video or media content from their timeline to their camera roll. Apart from this, turn the download option for videos you post on or off. Now, trending or popular videos will get automatic caption through the platform to enhance accessibility. 

With the support of AirPlay, users can stream video content from X directly on their TV. They can also multitask while watching videos or media content in picture-in-picture mode. The brand provides better-controlling power for video playback, such as adjustable playback speed, jump back, and double tap to fast forward.

The live broadcast quality improves, whereas Android and iOS versions provide an enveloping video player experience. The users with this update can speak and also co-host in spaces, and the app now in Spaces sessions supports millions of participants. 

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