‘X’ And LinkedIn Will Bring Passkeys Authentication Soon

Passwords are consistently becoming a thing of the past because of new passkeys. Lots of applications and service providers already made the password facility optional, and more of them are engaged in preparing for it. 

The words are to be believed by the app decoder, Steve Moser. Hence, he stated that X (Twitter) and LinkedIn are preparing to support Passkey, leading to a new passwordless authentication standard developed by the FIDO Alliance and the WWW (World Wide Web)Consortium. 

If his statement turns out to be correct, it will be very convenient for the users. Passkey uses public-key symbolism to bring into being secure between a user’s device and an app or any website. This denotes that the users no longer need to remember many passwords and, for accessing the app, no longer need to type passwords, which can lead to being vulnerable to phishing attacks. 

X and LinkedIn are not the only companies preparing to support passkeys. Whereas the trio of the brands, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, are well known for supporting Passkey on their platforms and apps. Apple is starting with iOS 17 and macOS 14 Sonoma. On the other hand, it literally auto-generates Apple ID passkeys, which work on and 

 However, it has yet to be made clear when X and LinkedIn will start supporting Passkey, but it is highly expected that the users do not need to wait any longer for this convenient and secure facility. 

Some Benefits Of Passkey 

  • It is more secure as compared to passwords because it uses public-key cryptography. 
  • This facility will be more convenient than passwords, so the users do not need to remember or type them in longer.
  •  It prevents phishing attacks, so the users don’t have to worry about entering their passwords on fake websites. 

Moreover, undoubtedly, Passkey is still in its developing stage for X and LinkedIn. Still, it has the prospects to bring revolution in online authentication, and besides these, other companies and developers will also follow the Passkey scheme in the near future.  

TikTok also recently introduced plans to accept passkey support, and WhatsApp is also planning to use this more convenient authentication technology. 


Password Authentication

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