Google Photos Upload UI Get Revamped On Web

Google Photos, the secure home for your memory, provides you the facility to securely back up your photos and enjoy them from any device. It also helps to organize your photos automatically and is searchable, by which you can easily find the photos you are looking for. Now, Google Photos is receiving the latest update, through which it modernizes the interface for uploading images and videos. 

Now, the users, like before, are able to start uploading by dragging files within the window or by clicking “Upload” at the top-right corner and selecting “Computer” to get a system file picker. Additionally, Google Drive is also still listed, but this is what is now attached by “Add from other places,” which can easily be found in the mobile app; 

  • Remove from photo collections: Facebook, iCloud
  • Remove from photography services: Pixieset, Pic-Time, image. canon
  • Digitise physical images: Photomyne, Capture, CVS
  • Back up through your PCs: Google Drive for desktop 
  • Scan photos with your smartphone: PhotoScan 

Apart from this, another change the latest update brings is to the bottom-left side progress UI. While uploading, the users will form an opinion of how long it will take with a blue “Stop” button to end the process. On the other side, “Show more” will expand this UI to offer a list of what is in the queue. 

Once the process is complete, the users just receive “Add to album” as the available action, with “Saved album” removed. In short, with this latest update, the UI, as compared to the previous version, gets smaller.

For now, the brand makes the redesigned Google Photos application available for a few Android and iOS devices, but soon, the company will roll out the latest update to all widely. 


Google Photos

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