Google Is Expanding Android Earthquake Alerts To More Areas

Earthquakes are the most common natural disasters in the world, and getting an early warning can be essential in saving lives and helping people to prepare themselves for safety. Meanwhile, it has been noticed that a lot of people can’t rescue themselves due to either not getting proper help or the unavailability of necessary equipment. That’s why Google has introduced the Android Earthquake Alerts System, which detects and estimates earthquakes by using the sensors intact in Android smartphones.

This new functionality has already been rolled out to several countries from all around the world in order to provide an early warning, the moment when the earthquake shaking begins. Google has properly consulted with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), the National Centre for Seismology (NCS), and the Ministry of Earth Sciences and has been introducing the Android Earthquake Alerts System in India. Google commits that with the introduction of this Earthquake alert feature, the company aims to provide Android users an automatic early warning when there is an earthquake approaching an area.

Exploiting The Power Intact In Android:    

Every Android smartphone sports several tiny accelerometers, which can perform like mini seismometers. While plugging your smartphone into charging, these accelerometers can detect the initial earthquake shaking. In case most smartphones detect the earthquake shaking, then the Google system servers can use this information to detect and estimate that an earthquake might be approaching while also estimating its epicenter and magnitude. Then, these servers send a warning alert to the phones. 

In addition, the internet signals travel at the speed of light, which is faster than the propagation of an earthquake shaking. It’s worth noting that Google’s earthquake warning alerts are designed in such a way that anyone can read and follow. Plus, they are available in various Indian languages that are supported by Android smartphones. 

How To Use The Android Earthquake Alerts System? 

Google has been rolling out the Android Earthquake Alerts System to all Android users running Android 5 and later in India during the upcoming week. In order to receive alerts, users must have Wi-Fi or Cellular data connectivity, as they have to enable both the Android Earthquake Alerts and location settings. On the flip side, users who don’t wish to get the alerts can easily turn off the Android Earthquake Alerts by heading to their device’s settings.

The Android Earthquake Alerts System also offers information using Google search about all the local seismic events and safety measures that have been taken during the earthquake shaking when people search for information along with their queries such as “Earthquake near me.”  

With the introduction of the Android Earthquake Alerts System, Google focuses on providing advance notice they need to be safe. Notably, Google is currently working along with the NDMA to provide users with useful safety information about several natural disasters, such as floods and cyclones, on Google Search and Maps. Google has further associated with the NCS as well, bringing the Android Earthquake Alerts System to India.


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