WhatsApp Is Replacing The Green Verification Check Mark From Blue 

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update. This time, the update is not about new features or changes but bringing a new blue checkmark for verified channels and businesses. So, the users will get a well-known checkmark to clearly and quickly identify verified accounts, but of course, the scheme is new for the platform. 

WhatsApp’s New Update Brings ‘Blue Checkmark’ Details 

Meta owned WhatsApp after testing for a long time, finally releasing the update to provide a new blue check mark. The update has arrived with its identification build number, which is v2.23.20.18. Through this build code, the users can easily find out the update. 

However, for now, the update is in its developing stage and only available for some of the lucky beta testers. Interested users can download the update through the Google Play Beta Program. 

Verified Check Mark Then v/s Now. 

Previously, WhatsApp had a green checkmark for verified accounts, but now the brand is all set to replace the green one with a blue checkmark for verified channels, and this will appear in a future update with the version number mentioned above. Along with the channel, the blue check mark will also apply to verified businesses. 

However, this is not so surprising, especially pointing the eyes to a recent revelation shared by Mark Zuckerberg regarding the ability for businesses on WhatsApp to subscribe to Meta Verified in the future. Through this, the account holders will get a verification badge and several advantages, such as protection from impersonation and dedicated tech support. 

For now, there needs to be more information regarding the verification badge with a blue check mark. It seems that Meta wants to standardise the verification badge colour across all its applications, similar to the verification checkmark, which is blue on the rest of both the Instagram and Facebook stages of Meta. By changing the present verified badge colour from green to blue, the brand would align the icon with the branding of Meta and create a consistent visual verified identity over the Meta stages. 

Moreover, at the moment, the update is still in developing mode and is yet to roll out widely. But soon, in the future, the update will be available to all. 


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