WhatsApp Let You “Copy Link” From Channel 

The update of WhatsApp’s Channels has spread among most of the users as much as it came peacefully. Now, the brand is continuously working on it and rolling out the latest features as per convenience. Now, it is releasing a new feature by which the users will get the ability to copy links from channel updates. 

After introducing a global launch of WhatsApp Channels, the company is expanding new improvements and features regarding this feature for a better experience. Check out the article to know more. 

On Which Platform The New’ Copy Link’ Feature Will Work 

The brand WhatsApp is releasing a new ability for the users by which they get more power within the channels. Now, with the help of the Copy Link feature, the users are easily able to copy links of messages within channels. Fortunately, the brand is preparing to roll out this feature on both iOS and Android platforms. 

In particular, some of the users who install the latest updates of Whatsapp beta for iOS through the TestFlight app and Android through the Google Play Store Beta Program probably now receive the ability to copy links from channel updates. 

How “Channel Update Link” Will Exactly Work 

With the latest update, the company is introducing a new copy link option within the messages options that allows the users to copy the channel’s post link. Now, while pressing long on the link, a dialog box pop-up which consists of five options sequence mentioned below; 

  • Forward 
  • Copy 
  • Copy Link 
  • Edit 
  • Delete 

The third one, the “Copy Link” option with the upcoming update, will join the list, which allows the users to copy the update’s link. The link authorises the people to immediately open the channel by presenting the message the link was associated with, making it easier than ever for them to maintain the context of the update. This seems pretty convenient. 

Noticeably, the users do not even need to be channel creators to get the channel update link, as the company is making the feature available to all users with access to the channel. However, this feature will help the users to quickly share important updates from the channel with their friends and family without even manually forwarding or sharing the update. 

It’s probably possible to share the channel update outside of WhatsApp by just copying the link so that anyone is easily able to open the channel update directly through the link without searching the entire channel history. 

However, for now, the update is yet to roll out widely, but the company will make the update available to more users over the coming days. 


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