Google Photos Adopts Android 14 Share Sheet

  • Google Photos is now moving its custom implementation with a native one.
  • Google Messages' conversation picker from the Android 14 share sheet has gained a more useful interface.
  • Android users can now select multiple random contacts to send a message to simultaneously.

Google recently announced Android 14, which is the talk of the town. Through this update, the company has offered many new features, improvements, and changes to enhance the user’s experience at their convenience. Now, recent reports are indicating that along with Android 14, developers can build share sheets with app-specific actions; also, Google Photos is now moving its custom implementation with a native one. 

Now, the users, while sharing an image in Google Photos, a “Sharing image” sheet slides up the screen. The “Modify” button is placed at the top-right corner, which permits the users to select extra images to share using a grid. In the first section, the users will see a preview of the selected images along with a pencil icon in the corner, launching the Markup tool to quickly crop, text, draw, and highlight.

Google Photos’ Share Sheet Then vs Now 

Currently, the share sheet at the top includes new groups and the users’ contact suggestions, below which, for sharing to apps, it only offers three app suggestions along with a ‘more’ button. When the users tap on the more button only, they will get all the apps for sharing the image. 

After upgrading to Android 14, the Share Sheet will show the selected image at the top with a pencil icon for editing. It will offer five app suggestions; the ‘more’ button will not appear, and for more apps, the users just have to swipe up, and then they will get all the apps for sharing the image. 

Through the major Android 14 update, the carousel placed below links to various Google Photos actions, including Create Link, Send in Photos, Add to Album, and Create Album. This is what Android 14 makes possible. Direct Share targets use more signals from applications to improve relevance, along with frequently used applications. It is also expected that Nearby Share might appear in the first position. 

If the users scroll in the upward direction, it will take them to the full grid. The reports also indicate that the new share sheet rolled out with its own version, which is v5.65 of Google Photos on Android 14 Pixel phones. However, it does not appear on large-screen such as the Pixel Tablet. Also, the share sheet will remain unchanged on Android 13 and earlier. 


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