Best Wireless Power Bank For iPhone In India 

  • Wireless power banks are the trend now; they are more durable than cables.
  • Wireless Power banks are a great way to charge your iPhone when you don't have an electric supply.
  • Here's the best wireless power bank for the iPhone.

Wireless power banks are a great way to charge your iPhone in scenarios where you don’t have any kind of electricity source to plug your device. 

Wireless power banks are the trend now, they are more durable than cables, and they do not require much more energy. Here, we are discussing the best wireless power back for the iPhone. 

Ambrane 10000 mAh Wireless Power Bank 

Ambrane Wireless Power bank has a battery capacity of 10000mAh with a lithium-polymer battery. It is priced at 2,299 Rs only.

This is a versatile charger that supports both wireless and wired charging along with 15W and QC or PD 22.5W maximum output, respectively. 

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack 

You can prefer the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. Its compact, intuitive design makes on-the-go charging easy and quick. It is priced at 4,999 Rs only.

Noticeably, the perfectly aligned magnets keep it attached to the user’s iPhone, which provides safe and reliable wireless charging.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 

One can go with Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, which takes full advantage of MagSafe technology.

The fact is it won’t block the iPhone 12’s camera, so the owners can keep using your phone while it charges.

It is priced at 3,199 Rs only. Its LED light permits the users to know when the power bank needs recharging.

At the same time, pass-through charging allows the users to keep charging their phones at the same time. 

PB9018W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank Blue

This power bank is priced at 3,499 and belongs to the Stuffcool brand. Its magnetic charging is faster and sticks with the phone.

Its digital percentage warning is excellent. It does not even take too much time to recharge the gadget.

It has a capacity of 10000mAh. The brand assures that it charges 50% in just 30 minutes only. 

Stuffcool Click 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 

It is a 5000mAh super sleek power bank. You can attract it magnetically to your iPhone and start charging without even any effort.

All you have to do is simply press on the click power bank to your iPhone. The interesting fact is that it is the smallest in size.

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