iPhone 17 Series to come with front camera upgrade- reported Ming-Chi Kuo

2024 has already begun, and so have the rumors about Apple’s next iPhone iteration, but this time it’s the iPhone 17 and not the iPhone 16. As the current iPhone 15 series has taken all its fame until now, there’s been a lot of rumours prevailing across the internet about the next year’s iPhone 17 lineup, which is currently reported to sport a highly upgraded 24MP front camera.

However, as mentioned, the great Cupertino tech brand Apple introduced the current iPhone 15 lineup a few months ago, featuring a number of new features and enhancements. With that, now that 2024 is the year for the arrival of the iPhone 16, which is not expected until the end of this year, Ming-Chi Kuo is again here with a new report, suggesting some front camera specifications about the iPhone 17 series that’s arriving next year.

In a blog post, Ming stated that the GSEO, who is the manufacturer of the camera lenses, primarily supplies front camera lenses for the iPhone to Apple, while the company is expecting to receive a revenue boost from providing higher-resolution front cameras for the iPhone 17 lineup. Whereas, it’s reported that Apple will be upgrading its iPhone’s front camera resolutions from 12 MP (in the current iPhones) to 24 MP (in higher iPhone models, including the upcoming iPhone 16 series).

Kuo further stated that the specifications of the futuristic iPhone 17 lineup will get a significant upgrade, demanding a 6-element lens design, which is more than the 5-element lenses in the current iPhone 15 lineup. This will significantly improve lens quality. On the flip side, Ming has given an estimate that this upgrade to the front camera capabilities will cost more than double as compared to the current iPhone lineup.

In addition, Kuo also revealed that, as Genius (GSEO) is the primary supplier of camera lenses to Apple for its iPhones, it’s also supplying the periscopic lens in the forthcoming iPhone 16 series. On the other hand, the 12MP camera with up to 5x zoom support will be equipped in both the iPhone 16 Pro models, consisting of the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max, which will increase the overall demand for the component within the iPhone industry.

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