Google Bard Is Now Gemini, Which Is Also Coming To Products, Including Workspace And Google Cloud

  • Entering into an advanced world of AI, Google has confirmed that Bard is now known as Gemini.
  • The new Gemini AI will be available in 40 languages and will also come to Android and iOS devices.
  • Also, Gemini AI is coming to other Google services, including Workspace and Google Cloud.

For years, AI has been in the limelight and is gradually considered the best way to enhance search-related activities across all Google products. At the same time, Google has seen some significant progress while AI is the main stem of some popular Google services, including the Cloud, Workspace services, and the most famous subscription service, Google One, respectively, the most popular search engine, Google has taken an advanced step by significantly entering into the world of AI with Gemini, to make its journey more helpful and advanced. 

With that, Google is committed to bringing an entirely new world of AI by completely transforming the Google Bard into the Gemini. In contrast, for a long time, Bard has been the most significant Google service. Now, to introduce some advanced functionalities at the Bard’s core, Google confirmed that the Bard will be known as Gemini. 

Google claimed that the new Gemini model will be available in 40 languages on the web version, while it’s also arriving to a new Gemini app on Android devices and the Google app on iOS devices, respectively. Simultaneously, the company stated that the Ultra version of the Gemini model will be known as Gemini Advanced, which will more significantly cater to all the demanding tasks, including reasoning, following instructions, coding, and several creative collaborations, respectively. Also, through the latest and all-new Google One AI Premium Plan subscription, you can easily get going with the Gemini Advanced, as it can offer some of the best Google AI features in a single place. 

Gemini To Come Within More Google Products, Including Workspace and Google Cloud

Furthermore, Google has also revealed that the company will be expanding the Gemini models and their capabilities across its other services, including Workspace and Google Cloud. Its Duet AI will now be the Gemini for Workspace, allowing customers to use Gemini across several Google services, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet, respectively. 

On the flip side, for Google Cloud Customers, Duet AI will become Gemini over the coming weeks, which will significantly help improve productivity, develop code faster, provide protection against cyber attacks, and provide other uncountable advantages.  

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