Google Pixel 9 Equipped With Tensor G4 SoC, Here Is Full Specification

After the Google Pixel 8 series is unveiled, the Google Pixel 9 series can also be unveiled. Everyone has given their own opinion about its features. There is still a lot of time for the launch, and the company will describe its features. 

This upcoming phone is expected to include a Google Tensor G4 processor, which can improve its performance compared to the older version, and improvements can also be made for users’ convenience. 

Rumours about the Google Tensor G4 are that it is a great and useful device developed for Google Pixels. It will include 3 Cortex-A720 and 4 Cortex-A520 cores and Mali-715 GPU. The company has not made any disclosure about its other specifications. 

It may be based on the Exynos 2400, while the GPU will differ from older versions. It can be paired with Mali-715 from Mountain View, which is enough to be the centre of attention. Looking at these features, the company has not compromised with this handset. 

It can be expected to have a higher clock speed and increase speed. It can also be combined with 4nm, which will show the capability of a better system. These features can make it different from other smartphones. We can expect the Google Pixel 9 and PIxel 9 Pro series to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. 


Pixel 9 Pro

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