Google “Pixie” AI Assistant Could Be Come With Pixel 9 Series

Phone industries around the world are in a race to incorporate the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in their products, and companies like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Meta are competing to stay one step ahead in this race.

As per reports of The Information, “Google plans to have Gemini power with an AI assistant called Pixie that could be exclusive to its Pixel 9 series which will use Gmail, Maps, and other data from Google products on your phone and reports say it could evolve into a personalised version of the Google Assistant “.

It is helpful in providing information about any photo, solving mathematics problems, and playing any musical instrument, and it never fails to answer any question or provide information about any route.

Apart from this, it works on multimodal and complex tasks, such as whatever photo we click; we will also be able to see the information about the shop, such as where we can buy it or what its route is.

It’s possible that the Pixi could launch alongside the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9, and we’ll get full details in October. According to the latest update from Google, the Gemini launched with Pixel 8 Pro will unlock which ones are more developed and have more capabilities or will be compatible with phones like Samsung or iOS.

There could be a next version of Pixi Assistant with Ward’s capabilities that are more than that and similar to Pixel 4. It can be said that Google is further developing its Pixel phones in collaboration with Gemini.


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