Is POCO X6 Pro waterproof? Does the device come with an IP rating? IP ratings explained!

It’s been a while since POCO introduced its next smartphone within its Pro series, the POCO X6 Pro. The smartphone has arrived in the mid-range category with several interesting and impressive features, from its astonishing AMOLED display panel to its monstrous gaming performance. In spite of that, it’s always better to know about the water immersion protection of the device we are currently using, and the POCO X6 Pro is no exception. In contrast, if you are wondering about the waterproof capability of the POCO X6 Pro, then here’s all you will learn about whether the device is waterproof or just water resistant. 

Smartphones come with several essential features and functionalities, one of which is waterproof or IP certification. In contrast, if you are wondering about buying a new POCO X6 Pro, you would have wanted to know about the degree of protection from water or liquid immersion. Now, is the POCO X6 Pro actually waterproof? Let us find it out.

Does the POCO X6 Pro Come With an IP Rating? IP Ratings Explained!

The quick answer to the question is yes! The POCO X6 Pro does come with an IP54 rating, meaning that the device can only survive a few splashes of water and rain drops. But what does it actually mean?

The POCO X6 Pro has an IP54 rating, which means the device is protected against both kinds of ingress, including liquid and solid, respectively. In an IP, or Ingress Protection rating, the first digit highlights that the device is being protected against solid ingress, which is dust, while 6 is the highest amount of protection. The POCO X6 Pro’s protection against dust particles is evident.

On the flip side, the second digit following the IP rating indicates the protection against liquid ingress, which is water, with 8 being considered to be the highest amount of protection against water, while in the case of the POCO X6 Pro, the last digit in an IP rating is 4, which means the device is only capable of handling water splashes but can’t survive the water immersion. This significantly proves that the POCO X6 Pro is just water-resistant and not waterproof. 

So, it’s highly advised not to take the POCO X6 Pro near the water bodies, as accidental immersion within the bodies can certainly cause harm to the device.

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