How Many Software Updates Will The Moto G34 5G Get?

Motorola just recently introduced its latest Moto G34 5G, which has arrived within its budget-focused G series in the Indian market. The smartphone does have a number of features and specifications, and it is thought to have some noticeable improvements over its predecessor, the Moto G32. Despite coming with several features and functionalities, the biggest question is: How many software updates will the new Moto G34 5G get?

Software updates play an integral part in keeping smartphones safe while also refreshing their UI with new features and enhancements that significantly arrive with each update. Simultaneously, featuring Moto’s budget-focused G series, the latest Moto G34 5G has been offered short-term OS updates. 

Moto G34 5G Software Update Policy

Therefore, Motorola doesn’t really offer very long-term software support to its devices, which is just a major OS update and 3 years of security updates, and the new Moto G34 is no exception, while the flagships are usually committed to getting a maximum of 2 major OS updates.

In contrast, for the newly-arrived Moto G34 5G, the brand has promised that the device will get one major OS update and three years of security patches. Since the device has been launched with Android 14, it is only eligible for Android 15, while on the flip side, the G34 will receive 3 years of security patch updates until 2027, respectively.

Smartphone ModelMoto G34 5G
Major OS Updates1 (Android 15)
Security Updates3 years (until 2027)

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