How Many software updates will Realme GT5 Pro get?

All of us want our Android phones to last as long as possible, especially when we have spent a large amount of money on them. Along with several other key features, software updates are the most prominent aspect of increasing the lifespan of the device. Simultaneously, smartphone makers, realm included, play an integral part in how frequently your device will get updates and for how long. So, here’s the Android update policy of the flagship device, the Realme GT5 Pro: how many software updates will the device get?

Every smartphone brand, whether big or small, makes an Android Update policy for their devices and offers the updates accordingly. Generally, several brands, including Realme, primarily focus on rolling out the updates. In contrast, it’s impressive to see that Realme is consistent in offering updates to its devices. Also, the brand has made some significant changes to its software support policy. 

Realme GT5 Pro Software Update Policy

Considering Realme’s latest Android Update policy, the brand has promised that its flagship GT series is committed to receiving 3 major OS updates and 4 years of security patch updates, respectively. Well, now you can clearly assume that the Realme GT5 Pro is set to get three OS updates along with four years of security patches. 

Realme has launched the Realme GT5 Pro in its home country, China, with Android 14-based Realme UI 5. Out of the box, the device will get new features and enhancements through 3 major OS updates until Android 17, while it will receive up to 4 years of security patches until 2027, respectively. So, you don’t have to get worried about your device, as it will get some exciting features and refreshments for its entire lifespan.

AspectRealme GT5 Pro
Major OS Updates3 updates (Android 14 to 17)
Security Patch Updates4 years (Until 2027)
Initial OS VersionAndroid 14-based Realme UI 5
Realme GT5 Pro Software Update Policy

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