Google’s Waze Introduces 6 New Updates that will Make Your Driving Experience Safe and Convenient. 

Google’s map-based application, Waze, is getting several new updates, which will help you take the best possible route that’s much more safe and convenient, simultaneously. These new updates will significantly enhance your driving experience and make it much safer. From displaying road hazards to providing information about the nearest EV charging point, the latest updates will provide a much more resourceful yet safe driving experience. 

With the newly-arrived updates, the Waze app will help you reach your destination with the best possible and fastest route while also keeping your route much more convenient. Google brings six new updates to the Waze app; with that, read on to learn more about the recently-arrived updates. 

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Easy access to those tricky roundabouts: 

While navigating a tricky roundabout, at times it can get much more confusing, especially when you are new to the city. But now, with the new update, the Waze app will let you know exactly when you need to enter a roundabout, which lane you need to choose, and the exact point at which you need to take your exit from the roundabout so that you can’t miss any turns. It’s important to note that this capability is rolling out to Android users, while later this year, iOS users will get this update.

Adjust your speed limits to be safe along your route.

Now, you will get an alert warning whenever an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, is on your route so that you can adjust your driving speed according to the requirement. With that, this update is currently rolling out to Waze users in the US, Canada, Mexico, and France, respectively, for both Android and iOS users, and the feature will be released to more regions soon. 

Warning alerts to ensure that you don’t miss a speed limit sign: 

With up-to-date information about speed limits, the Waze app lets you control your driving speed by giving alerts about the forthcoming speed limit sign board. This way, you can deduct your driving speed so that you have much more time to reduce your speed while also adjusting it according to the changing road conditions. Both Android and iOS users will receive this update by this month. 

Navigate to the Routes that have Effective Warning Alerts:

Waze users will now be able to get warning alerts about all the upcoming blockages, such as speed breakers, sharp or blind curves, and toll booths, so that you can get time to be prepared for adjusting your driving limit in order to have a safe and smooth driving experience. In contrast, this update is currently rolling out to all Android and iOS users starting this month. 

Get Worry-Free Parking Lots:

The Waze app is getting helpful, as now it will give you much more information about parking lots and their costs, whether they’re wheelchair accessible or not, whether they have an EV charging point or not, and whether the valet options are available or not, respectively. Even with this new update, you will easily be able to reserve your parking space from the Waze app, so you won’t waste your time finding an empty space within the parking lot. In the meantime, over the coming weeks, this capability will be rolled out and available for over 30,000 parking lots across several regions, including the US, Canada, and some major cities such as New York, Chicago, and Montreal, respectively. 

An easier way to get to your favorite routes:

At times, it happens that people certainly want to take their favorite route in order to reach their destination, even if the route is not the fastest one. But now, people will have an easier way to see information about their favorite or usual routes, including all the live traffic updates and other delays along the entire route. Also, you can compare your usual route with some other quick alternatives, providing you with the best possible route that’s correct for you. Both Android and iOS users will get this update by this month.

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