How Many Software Updates Will Galaxy A35 5G Get?

Samsung’s best thing, which literally attracts people’s attention, is its consistency in providing software updates to its devices. Although the brand has to cover numerous Galaxy devices, nevertheless, it has now become one of the best Android phone manufacturers in terms of offering long-term software updates to its devices, from its budget-focused, mid-range flagships to premium flagships. With that, the brand’s latest, the Galaxy A35 5G, has been brought up with several amazing features and specs, but here the biggest question strikes: how many software updates will the new Samsung Galaxy A35 5G get? 

Galaxy A35 5G Software Update Policy

For years, the majority of Samsung devices were committed to getting 3 software updates and 4 years of security updates, but soon after updating the software update policy, beginning with the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung significantly upgraded its policy and began offering 4 software updates and 5 years of security patch updates, respectively, to its mid-range and flagship Galaxy devices. However, as of now, the long-term software support of 7 years is locked for the latest Galaxy S24 series only. 

According to Samsung’s upgraded software update policy, the newest Samsung Galaxy A35 5G will receive 4 software updates and 5 years of security patch updates. Since the device has been launched with Android 14 out of the box, the Galaxy A35 5G will get 4 OS updates until Android 18, while it will see security patch updates until 2029, respectively. 

It’s highly impressive how Samsung is significantly focusing on being the best smartphone manufacturer in almost every aspect, from software updates to incorporating some stunning features and specifications within its Galaxy models.

DeviceGalaxy A35 5G
Operating SystemAndroid 14 (out of the box)
Software UpdatesFour updates promised (up to Android 18)
Security Patch UpdatesFive years of updates (until 2029)
Galaxy A35 5G Software Update Policy

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