Xiaomi begins the Internal Testing Of its dedicated “AI Treasure Chest” For the Xiaomi 14 Series

Xiaomi recently introduced its most-awaited series, the Xiaomi 14 series, which was infused with several impressive features, one of which is the inclusion of the next-gen Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. This was the reason that the audience praised this latest series, and it certainly came under the spotlight. In contrast, the latest reports reveal that the internal testing of the AI Treasure Chest for the Xiaomi 14 series has begun. 

Xiaomi 14 Series to be infused with a Bunch of AI features- the AI Treasure Chest

Some recent news indicates that Xiaomi has already begun internal testing of its dedicated collection of numerous AI features, named the AI Treasure Chest, for its latest Xiaomi 14 series. Xiaomi’s new AI Treasure Chest consists of numerous AI-powered functionalities designed to enhance the user experience within the new Xiaomi 14 handset. 

With the inclusion of the new AI Treasure Chest within the latest Xiaomi 14 series, the brand aims to provide a better, more convenient, comprehensive and advanced experience. Also, it offers intelligent performance due to the large number of AI-powered technologies that will significantly help make the users’ experience more convenient while using several functionalities within their phones.

Internal testing of AI Treasure Chest begins on 18 April

Meanwhile, it’s said that Xiaomi has scheduled the internal testing time duration for the latest AI Treasure Chest, beginning from 18 April to 2 August 2024. This new AI chest will offer a wide range of AI-powered tools and other creativity features to Xiaomi 14 series owners. Moreover, Xiaomi is also inviting feedback about the AI features offered within the AI Treasure Chest for users who own any of the Xiaomi 14 series devices. 

As mentioned, the latest Xiaomi 14 series will be infused with a wide collection of AI features. In addition to an array of AI features, one of the major highlights is AI Surprise Wallpaper. In contrast, by participating in the internal testing, users can provide feedback regarding the AI features and share their experience with Xiaomi. 


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