Google Photos Magic Eraser Is Now Available For Free for Some Users

Google Photos, without a doubt, is the most advanced and popular application. The Photos offers many AI-powered editing tools, including the Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and more. However, users must use either a Google Pixel device or a Google One subscription to use these features. This is going to change, as a while ago, the company officially stated that all Google Photos users can now use these editing tools, including the Magic Eraser, for free. Meanwhile, a few pieces of evidence suggest that Google has started rolling out the AI-powered editing tools of Google Photos to all the other Android owners for free. 

Magic Eraser is now available for free in Google Photos Version 6.81

Now that Google is making changes within the Google Photos functionalities, the company seems to be geared towards making all the AI-powered editing tools, especially the Magic Eraser, free for all Android owners. This significantly means that Google Photos users will no longer be required to take a Google One Subscription or have a Pixel device. 

Meanwhile, earlier, the Photos app’s Magic Eraser and other AI editing tools could only be accessed through Google One Subscription. Also, the company officially announced that beginning on 15th May 2024, all Google Photos users on Android and iOS platforms will be able to access the Photos’ AI editing tools, including Magic Eraser, Portrait Light, Unblur, Color Pop, and more.   

Within this latest shift, a few pieces of evidence within the Photos app on Android significantly suggest that Google is rolling out the AI editing tools of the Photos app free for all users. The latest evidence shows that Android users could use the Magic Eraser feature in the Photos app for free. Meanwhile, earlier, it required a Google One subscription. 

Moreover, it’s important to note that the ability to use the Magic Eraser for free in the Photos app is only noticed on Android phones with the latest Google Photos app Version 6.81. It could not be confirmed that all Google Photos users on Android have started receiving this capability. 

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