It Wishes to Implement Google AI Features to Chrome to Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Google has been constantly adding impressive, innovative, and useful functionalities to its popular browsing service, Chrome, which significantly helps in offering a much more advanced user experience. Meanwhile, Google Chrome has evolved a lot with time and has always gotten even better. Now, Google wishes to add a little more within Chrome that could significantly make the users’ everyday tasks much easier and more convenient. 

Google AI Feature Should Come To Chrome

Soon after integrating several AI-powered tools, including Gemini to Google, the Developer’s team of Chrome eventually wished to introduce these AI technologies to Chrome to make everyday tasks such as using Tabs, using Search, writing in forms, and reading webpages respectively. This will make these common tasks a lot easier. However, the search and reading webpages still need to be functional. 

Meanwhile, regarding the development process, Google’s most challenging part was implementing LLM technology into Chrome. The Chrome team also wanted to make sure that users could easily use the latest AI features without being required to understand the technology behind every AI feature. 

In addition, the arrival of the Organize Similar Tabs significantly made it easier to scan the essential groupings, while the major concern for Google was ensuring that Chrome didn’t pick any inappropriate thing. Then, there’s Customize Chrome, which allows users to use AI themes. Also, you have Help Me Write, which collects certain contexts about the webpage. 

Google AI Feature

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