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PUBG New State NC (UC) prices revealed

The amount of rumors and leaks by data miners grows by the day as the release date of PUBG New State approaches. A well-known data miner recently revealed some significant game modifications. There was also data on the Royale Pass and in-game cash.

Lately, new information regarding the NC (UC) price change has surfaced and notifiable price drops were seen in the in-game currency store. This article covers all of the information on the in-game currency costs (UC) that has been disclosed by popular sources. Read more PUBG’s New Update 14.1 adds the Piggyback (Carry) feature to get out of the blue zone

PUBG New State: Royale Pass information leaked online

PUBG New State NC (UC) currency – Check out the prices

According to the creators, PUBG New State is centered on a dystopian concept in which gamers will explore a virtual environment in 2051.


The Royale Pass of PUBG New State, according to the source, will function similarly to the pass for the global version of PUBG Mobile. However, it will be a monthly pass (begins at the start of the month and ends by the last date). Instead of UCs, the in-game money will be referred to as NCs (Unknown Cash). The following is a list of the PUBG New state NC (UC) purchasing prices:

  • 300 NC – 0.99$ – Rs. 74 (INR)
  • 1500 + 80 NC – 4.99$ – Rs. 373 (INR)
  • 3600 + 250 NC – 11.99$ – Rs. 898 (INR)
  • 15000 + 1800 NC – 49.99$ – Rs. 3745 (INR)
  • 9300 + 930 NC – 30.99$ – Rs. 2321 (INR)
  • 30000 + 5000 NC – 99.99$ – Rs. 7491 (INR)
  • NC Bonus Package – 99.99$ – Rs. 7491 (INR)
  • Crate Ticket Package – 99.99$- Rs. 7491 (INR)
  • Chicken Medal 200% package – 9.99$ – Rs. 748 (INR)
PUBG New State NC prices (Image Credit: Pubg NewState News And Leaks/ Twitter)

A new in-game currency will also appear in PUBG New State which will be called Chicken Medals. Players can win these medals after they win a match in the game.

Aside from PUBG New State NC (UC), the game will have a slew of fascinating elements that will enhance the player’s entire gaming experience. Futuristic technologies and gear, like search drones, can assist gamers in searching an area for potential enemies nearby. Shields are also included, providing players with additional protection on the battlefield. Read more PUBG Black Friday Double G-Coin event – Get 50% off on buying G-coins

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