PUBG New State latest anti-cheat policy update revealed for Android and iOS

PUBG New State is most probably one of the biggest releases of Krafton. The game will launch globally on November 11, 2021. But the hype amongst fans is crazy.

As the launch date approaches, PUBG New State officially announces the anti-cheat measures they have taken for Android and iOS devices. The news was first published on the official website of PUBG New State.

This article shares all the details regarding the anti-cheat system that PUBG New State will introduce.

PUBG New State latest anti-cheat policy update

Minkyu Park, an executive producer of PUBG New State, delivered a description of the game following CEO Kim Chang-introductory Han’s comments in the previous media showcase. According to him, the title’s major focus will be realism and next-generation visuals. Read more PUBG New State UC purchase cost: In-game currency leaked

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As the conversations progressed, the creators also provided insight on the game’s Partner programs, anti-cheat mechanism, and esports environment.

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As this article focuses on sharing the anti-cheat measures for Android and iOS devices, here is what PUBG New State’s official website states regarding hackers in the recent development:

For Android:

  • Repackaging Detection and blocking
  • Game client and server bypass detection
  • Detection for malware malicious apps and libraries
  • Prevents runtime library injection
  • Detects memory and library modification
  • Rooting process detection
  • Payment module cracking detection

For iOS devices:

  • Repackaging Detection and blocking
  • Game client and server bypass detection
  • Detect Jail break

As per the official website, PUBG New State can easily detect and block these malfunctions and any tamper done by hackers.

According to Sangwan Kim, the head of Anti-Cheat for PUBG: New State, developers have been monitoring software cheating patterns while developing new technologies to tackle cheating trends.

New State will use “Anti-Tamper technology,” which will hide the game’s programming and make it hard for cheaters to reverse engineer. While refining their anti-cheat system, the creators will also prohibit tampering with the game files.

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Players’ reports will also be considered, and anti-cheat reports will be made public. The developers are also working on new methods to block cheaters utilizing a digital id, which will restrict multiple account usage.

Kudos to the devs for taking such strict initiatives to ban hackers and cheaters. Hopefully, players will be able to play the game peacefully without facing cheaters.

PUBG New State latest anti-cheat policy update revealed for Android and iOS

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