Get free RP rewards in BGMI without Royale Pass

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in India. BGMI has been a fan favorite due to features such as intense gameplay, a wealth of gun skins, vehicle skins, and costumes, as well as the availability of several objectives and awards.

With the introduction of the 1.7 in-game update, many players have returned to the game. The upgrade saw the introduction of a new anti-cheat engine, which resulted in the ban of over 2.5 million hackers, as well as the new C1S3 Month5 Royal Pass.

With the completion date for the current C1S3 M5 Royal Pass announced, players must complete the RP quests in order to get their goodies from the ‘Mirror Realm’ theme Royal Pass.

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How to get free RP rewards in BGMI?

While many players have already purchased the Royal Pass’s Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus variants, others have chosen not to purchase the RP. They must be satisfied with the free RP benefits.

Here’s how to simply obtain free RP awards in BGMI:

1) Complete daily missions

This is the simplest approach for increasing your RP Level and obtaining free RP prizes. Every day, after login into the game, a player should go to the ‘Missions’ tab and check out the BGMI Daily Missions.

Daily Missions are often simple to achieve by just playing a Classic Mode match. Every day, players receive 10 free RP points for logging in. This also aids in the accumulation of RP points via Season Activity.

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2) Open Premium and Classic crates

Opening Crates may be a quick method to get RP and acquire the available free gifts. When a player opens a Classic Crate or a Premium Crate, he or she will receive 10RP points for free. A Classic or Premium Crate bundle opening can directly level up a player by one rank.

3) Play the free weekly missions to get free RP rewards in BGMI

Every week, the Royal Pass unlocks a new set of objectives for that week. For each RP month, this procedure lasts four weeks. Along with various RP tasks that are solely available to players who have paid RP, there are a few of missions available to users who are playing the game for free prizes.

Completing these assignments allows a player to rank up to at least two levels every week, allowing them to quickly receive free gifts in BGMI.

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4) Play free events

Specific events in BGMI frequently award free RP points, allowing a player to obtain free RP gifts. When a player obtains event points, he or she can trade them for RP points.

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5) Collect RP points from friends

Asking in-game friends (who have paid RP) for RP Respect points while playing Classic matches is another option to acquire free RP points that will help you get RP prizes. Each RP Respect point adds two BGMI RP points to one’s total.

It should be noted, however, that there is a daily restriction to earning RP Respect points. This is a free procedure, despite the fact that it is slow.

BGMI M5 Royale Pass RP rewards can be claimed for free by collecting RP points

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