PUBG 2 aka PUBG f2p version’s launch updates: All upcoming features, and leaks you need to know

A few days ago, a popular data miner, PlayerIGN has posted some leaked images of the new urban map Kiki in PUBG 2 aka PUBG f2p version. The images were provided by PUBG Studios officially via PUBG Partnership Programs. There have been several other leaks and features regarding PUBG 2 (f2p) too which players will be finding out in this article.

While everyone is focused on the PUBG free-to-play version, over half of the player base has forgotten about the potential release of PUBG 2. While the other half wonders if PUBG 2 and PUBG f2p are the same things.

There have been mixed responses to this contentious subject since some popular data miners have identified the game as PUBG’s next edition, PUBG 2. Several leaks on the new PUBG f2p features have also surfaced on the internet. Here is all that readers need to know regarding the leaks and features.

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PUBG 2 (f2p) version all leaks and features released till now

PUBG’s new 8×8 flooded city map Kiki, with open fields, swamps, and skyscrapers in a New York-style urban style. The trees shown in one of Kiki’s swamps could be the “Swamp Cypress” found in North America’s southern swampy, wet soil coastlines.

As per the leaked post, PUBG’s new 8×8 urban map is a tragedy-stricken New Orleans, Louisiana’s sinking city (USA). Surrounded by the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Gulf of Mexico; the city’s prone to constant flooding, frequent hurricanes, rising sea levels, and shrinking land.

  • Tactical Gears: Duffel bags and Recone Drone
  • New Reworked training mode
  • New AI match mode: Players would be able to play real time matches with bots (AI)
  • Assisted healing
  • Quick cover
  • Trap
  • Zone shield
  • Decoy
  • Gear upgrade
  • Gap-closer
  • Vehicle-gear upgradation system

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As previously discussed, some of the popular data-miners have dug deep and found out relevant features that show a brand new upgrade of features in the f2p iteration. We can also see some futuristic aspects (as shown in leaks) and various modifications in the old, classic gameplay style of PUBG.

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