New Spiderman mode in BGMI: Features, gameplay, and more explained

BGMI is known for its immersive battle royale gameplay experience and its large-scale user base. Currently, the game is running on its 1.7 version, and very soon, after 14 January, the game is going to receive the 1.8 version update.

As per the official patch notes, a brand new Spiderman Mode will also be added in BGMI which made up for most of the hype around the 1.8 update.

Players are excited to see their favorite action superhero spiderman collaborating with their favorite battle royale game BGMI. This article shares the detailed features and gameplay structure of the upcoming Spiderman mode in BGMI.

Spiderman gameplay mode in BGMI: Features and more explained

The Spiderman mode will be coming as an event in the game and will be a temporary one. The event period is listed below:

Spiderman mode event period schedule: 12 January 2022, to 14 February 2022 (UTC +0)

This mode can only be played by toggling the options in CLassic Erangel and Livik maps.

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Gameplay theme

After landing in Erangel, Spider-Man has faced a slew of unknown beasts. Players need to fight with Spider-Man and beat the boss to get upgraded supplies, including the new Web Shooter and Spiderweb Ball.

These gadgets will let players test out Spider-skills. Players can also open Spider Crates on Erangel to acquire basic supplies and a chance to get Spider-Man items.

Alongside playing with Spiderman, players can also challenge the boss in this mode by visiting Mylta Power. If they defeat the boss, they will receive advanced supplies and other items.

Spiderman gadgets

Web Shooter: After obtaining the Web Shooter, players will be able to shoot spider webs. Spider webs slow down players who are hit by them.

Spiderweb Ball: When the Spiderweb Ball is tossed onto the ground, it scatters spiderwebs across a large area, slowing the speed of other players who pass over it.

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Alongside the brand new Spiderman mode, the 1.8 patch will be bringing a lot of newer and fresher gameplay modes like the Aftermath mode, etc. Read the full detailed patch notes here: BGMI 1.8 update official patch notes, release date, and more

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New Spiderman mode in BGMI: Features, gameplay, and more explained

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