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PUBG introduces Zombie Survival 2.0 mode: Release date, features, and more



PUBG have once again introduced the zombie survival mode in the game and has been renamed as the Zombie Survival 2.0. After a long break, fans will be able to see one of their most favourite modes in the game.

While this mode is a reintroduction, there has been several changes in its gameplay features and functions. This article shares those features and also reveals the release date of the same.

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Zombie Survival 2.0 mode in PUBG: Features and gameplay


  • Zombie Survival has a total of 10 stages that last 3 minutes each.
  • To get to the next stage:
    • Kill every zombie OR
    • At least one teammate stays alive until the very end.
  • Once a stage is cleared, you and your squad will have a 20-second break before moving on to the next stage.
    • Teammates who died in the previous stage will respawn and continue to the next stage as well.
  • The game will end as a Zombie Dinner if the entire squad gets wiped out.
  • Zombies spawn once a stage starts.
  • As you proceed along the stages, expect more zombies, stronger zombies, and even special types of zombies!
  • There are new types of zombies in Zombie Survival 2.0 such as:Zombies throwing Molotov Cocktails,
  • Zombies throwing Blue Zone Grenades,
  • Zombies holding grenades in their mouths (can only be killed by headshots),
  • And zombies with C4 attached to their bodies.

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New items and features

    • Earn Survival Coins by taking down zombies.
    • The Survival Coins are stored in your inventory (Max. 999).
    • Players cannot drop Survival Coins.
    • Players who die and respawn for the next stage will have the amount of Survival Coins they had before they died.
    • The basic set of equipment each player starts out with is:
      • Deagle
      • 60EA .45 ACP
      • Backpack (Level 3)
      • 1 Grenade
    • Purchase various tactical items through your inventory with Survival Coins.
    • Stronger weapons cost more Survival Coins.
    • There are additional tactical items in Zombie Survival 2.0 such as:
      • Traps to temporarily stop zombies from moving,
      • Sticky Traps and Sticky Chemicals to temporarily slow down zombies,
      • Zombie Stun Grenades to stun zombies,
      • Healing Chemicals to heal you and your team,
      • Zombie C4, Can Bombs, Zombie Blue Zone Grenades, Anti-Zombie Chemicals, and Anti-Zombie Table Legs to deal damage.

Zombie Survival mode 2.0 release date

Zombie Survival 2.0 will run during the following period:

  • PC
    • PST: February 15, 2022, After live server maintenance – February 27, 2022, 11 PM
    • CET: February 16, 2022, After live server maintenance – February 28, 2022, 8 AM
    • KST: February 16, 2022, After live server maintenance – February 28, 2022, 4 PM
  • Console
    • PST: February 23, 2022, After live server maintenance – March 6, 2022, 11 PM
    • CET: February 24, 2022, After live server maintenance – March 7, 2022, 8 AM
    • KST: February 24, 2022, After live server maintenance – March 7, 2022, 4 PM

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