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Realme GT 2 Series Update Info: Latest Android & Security Patch Update Tracker [Jan 25, 2023]



Realme is rapidly rolling out the security patch update for its eligible smartphones, but at the same time, some of its flagship smartphones are still struggling for the January 2023 update. Realme GT 2 and Realme GT 2 Pro are the flagship range smartphones and both have already received the latest Android 13 update based on Realme UI. 

If we talk about the other details of both the phones, then Realme GT 2 Pro and GT 2 were released on the same date in January 2022. Surprisingly, both phones came out of the box with Android 12-based Realme UI. 

We have made this article in which we will only focus on Realme GT 2 Series smartphones and their update so that you may be aware of the latest update for the phones and can update regularly and use the phone seamlessly. 

InterestinglyWe will give you an updated information record about all devices of the Realme GT 2 Series. So without any doubt you can save a link or bookmark it for future updates. 

Realme GT 2 Pro:

Release DateSecurity Patch-MonthFirmware VersionAndroid OS/UI
Aug 06, 2022July 2022RMX3301.11.A.18Android 12/ Realme UI 3.0
Sept 05, 2022August 2022RMX3301.11.A.19Android 12/ Realme UI 3.0
Sept 30, 2022September 2022RMX3301.11.A.21Android 12/ Realme UI 3.0
Oct 22, 2022UnknownUnknown (China)Android 13/ Realme UI 4.0 (Stable)
Oct 28, 2022UnknownRMX3301.11.C.08 (India)Android 13/ Realme UI 4.0 (Stable)
Dec 14, 2022November 2022RMX3301.11.C.11Android 13/ Realme UI 4.0 
Dec 20, 2022November 2022RMX3301.11.C.12Android 13/ Realme UI 4.0 
Jan 16, 2023January 2023RMX3301.11.C.13
Android 13/ Realme UI 4.0 

Realme GT 2:

Release DateSecurity Patch-MonthFirmware VersionAndroid OS/UI
July 30, 2022July 2022XXXXXXXXX.A.19(China)Android 12/ Realme UI 
Aug 01, 2022July 2022RMX3312.11.A.19Android 12/ Realme UI 
Aug 30, 2022August 2022XXXXXXXXX.A.20(China)Android 12/ Realme UI 
Oct 28, 2022October 2022RMX3312.11.A.22Android 12/ Realme UI 
Oct 26, 2022October 2022XXXXXXXXX.A.21(China)Unknown 
Nov 29, 2022UnknownRMX3312.11.C.05Android 13/Realme UI 
Jan 13, 2023January 2023RMX3310.11.C.08Android 13/Realme UI 
Jan 19, 2023January 2023RMX3312.11.C.08Android 13/Realme UI 

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