Does OnePlus 11 5G Not Have Mobile Hotspot 5GHz Connectivity?

OnePlus 11 has debuted on the consumer platform with many new and interesting features. But its Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot modules do not have software-linked settings. Yes! We are talking about the OnePlus 11 hotspot 5 GHz network feature, which is not there.

As per input disclosures, the OnePlus 11 5G device is unable to enable 5GHz or higher mobile hotspots when connected to a 5GHz WIFI network. Explaining the problem, the user said that whenever he tried to clone the OnePlus 10T to the OnePlus 11 5G, the clone phone app kept forcing the 5GHz band from the OnePlus 11 to disappear. Therefore, migration cannot be completed.

On the flip side, the OnePlus 11 5G launched with Wi-Fi 7 option in the Settings Menu, but after upgrading to the OxygenOS 13 latest update, the Wi-Fi 7 menu was replaced by the Wi-Fi 6. The user added that the phone could connect to other 5Ghz bands but could not work as a 5GHz hotspot alone.

On the other hand, OPPO identified the Mobile Hotspot 5Ghz issue within the OnePlus 11 5G China variant and said that the issue stems from Qualcomm and software incompatibility. Plus, Qualcomm informed OPPO that they may not fix it for now.

And the problem is the same for all the respective device holders. OnePlus 11 mobile hotspot 5GHz has become a major problem for users. As a result, the company should take steps to permanently fix this issue in its top-end models.

So OnePlus 11 5G smartphone users! Are you also facing a similar issue with your handset? What have you tried to solve? Let us know in the comment section.


OnePlus 11 June 2023 Update

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