Android 14 May Allow You To Hide Cloned Apps From Your Work Profile

With the Android 14 developer preview, Google has made some significant improvements and features to help developers create better apps and experiences for their end users. For example, with the Android 14 DP1, the company adds Cloned Apps. Which have different names and slightly different characteristics, but the basic principle is the same. With this feature, you can have two instances of an app, each with a separate account. Well, Android 14 beta 2 is making the clone apps feature with the ability to hide clone apps from your work profile.

Google is ramping up the development of Android 14 while some well-known analysts are coming out with reports on what the user interface will feature. In the current development, well-known Android tester @MishaalRahman said that Android 14 might allow the ability to hide cloned apps from the work profile.

 Cloned Apps:

To begin with, a cloned app is nothing but a copy of the app running on the device. These are not copied apps; they are actually based on the working of an existing app that you want to build for yourself. In other words, cloned apps or app cloning refers to the process of creating an identical copy of a particular application that can be used independently. It lets you run two different accounts of one Android app simultaneously.

Till now, this feature was already available for Realme, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, and other handsets. But it looks like the US tech giant is implementing the same thing in its devices with some more improvements.  

As per the source, Android 14 beta 2 continues improving the “app cloning” feature they first revealed in DP1. Also, they further point out that a new launcher flag called ENABLE_APP_CLONING_CHANGES_IN_LAUNCHER has been added, which, when turned on, hides the cloned apps from the task profile tab, as shown below Twitter.

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