Android 14 Beta 4 Renews ‘Muted’ Status Icon

Google has released the Android 14 Beta 4 update, which includes revamped ‘Muted’ status icon, ‘Auto-Confirm Unlock’ feature, various improvements, system performance improvements, and more. Google released the Android 14 Beta 4 to its Pixel devices yesterday and mentioned the fixed and acknowledged issues in the release notes. Read here

As Android nears its official debut, with Beta 4, Android 14 renews the ‘Muted’ status icon design. According to 9To5Google, Android 14 Beta 4 comes with a completely new design for the “Muted” status, ditching the familiar bell icon for a more modern look.

Most Android devices have three sound states: sound on, vibrate, and silent/Muted; only one displays a status icon in the top bar next to the WiFi and battery icons

With Android 14 Beta 4, the US tech giant has updated the “Muted” icon in the status bar. A small but familiar speaker icon with a slash will be displayed if the Pixel phone or other device is set to silent or “Muted.” However, this ‘Muted’ status icon design is already in Samsung devices.

Apart from this, there is no other change in the sound status provided status icon with Android 14 beta 4

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