OnePlus Ace 2 Pro May Launch Next Month With Aerospace-Grade 3D Cooling System

If rumors are to be believed, OnePlus will launch the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro very first in China, and most expected in August. Apart from this, another piece of news has been thrown out by OnePlus that the latest upcoming OnePlus Ace 2 Pro will be the world’s first smartphone, which will be powered by an aerospace-grade three-dimensional cooling system, whose name the company has named Tiangong cooling system.

If the fans community trusts only the company’s words, then it is sure that the Tiangong cooling system will be the most potential VC (Vapour Chamber) in the tech industry currently. It is also assumed that this Vapour Chamber is at least two generations forward of the industry.

The area for Vapour Chamber now reaches 9140mm², which is the one and only 10,000-level VC in the tech industry. And also, this is twice the other VC currently available in the industry.

This latest Tiangong cooling system will help maintain the mobile phone’s cooling system to the age of three-dimensional cooling. The company said that this cooling system has a dual circulation heat dissipation system in a piece of Vapour Chamber. The working is also binate, by which it can able to absorb more heat. It increases the cooling system by 50% as compared to other ones.

Tiangong cooling system is the world’s first cooling system, which has aerospace-grade diamond thermally conductive gel and superconductive graphite. Apart from this, it also has an aerospace level of space cooling structure.

It has 60% more thermal conductivity compared to the previous generation. And also increases 41% of superconducting thermal graphite conductivity.

With this Tiangong cooling system, users can now run the phone continuously as much as they want and can play high-quality games as much as they want without worrying about heating.


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