iOS 17 Finally Expanded Call History

Apple introduced iOS 17, the next iteration of iOS, in June this year. It comes with several new and exciting features and improvements. The company bought iOS 17 with all new enhancements and features to improve the users’ daily life. You can express yourself better while on a call or a message, share any content conveniently, personalise your calls, expressive face-times, stand-by mode, interactive widgets and more. Coming with these enhanced features, iOS 17 has increased the call history limits on iPhones.

 For your information, the Android operating system can already hold unlimited contacts in the call history section; now, iOS is working on the facility to increase the call history limits on iPhones. Let’s discuss the new iOS feature.  

iOS 17: Expanded Call History:

Apple is working on iOS 17 to expand its call history feature. As earlier, iPhone devices are limited to keeping the recent 100 contacts in the call history section, which can be a small limit, but now it has been working to expand the limit. Now, with the latest update, all iPhone devices can hold up to 2,000 calls in the call history section, including FaceTime and WhatsApp calls as well. 

As the earlier number was only limited to 100 entries in the call history section, which is a very limited number for businessmen who receive hundreds of calls, every day they can neither remember all the numbers nor can they get the numbers from earlier, if they want. Therefore, it can be a very useful feature for iPhone users.

With an expanded call history feature, iOS 17 is also working on the Scrolling screenshot feature, allowing users to take full-page screenshots. You can easily take scrolling screenshots of a webpage, documents, files, or lengthy emails. 

ios 17

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