One UI 6.0 Makes It Easier to Display Storage With Accurate Statistics

Samsung’s latest upcoming One UI 6.0 is undoubtedly the talk of the town. Its testing has been spotted for a long time, but there was discussion regarding how the brand will display system storage status on its Galaxy devices and tablets. Now, Samsung is changing its strategy. It shows device storage figures by which people make an issue out of nothing. 

Previously, as per the inexact reports, it was claimed that Samsung’s software uses a higher level of 60GB of storage put down to bloatware apps and services. And unfortunately, that turned out to be faulty. At the moment, Samsung changed how storage is displayed on Android 14 based on One UI 6.0

What’s New In Appearance Of System Storage Figure With One UI 6.0 

The brand, with its latest UI, is providing more accurately representing device storage digits. As a substitute for grouping the discrepancy between advertised and authentic storage space into ‘System,’ Android 14-based One UI 6.0 shows it as ‘Other Files.’ This will force people to believe that the brand’s software genuinely takes as much as 60GB of space on their 512GB devices. 

If the reports are to be believed, the information mentioned above is revealed by Max Weinback. Since then, on checking the Galaxy S23 Ultra unit running One UI 6.0 Beta 1, the My Files application displayed space of 17.56GB for the System and storage of 4.98GB holds the attention of Other Files. 

Samsung’s market device storage in GB is measured in powers of 1,024, whereas device storage is represented in GiB, measured in controls of 1,000. Effectively, a device offered for sale as storage of 512GB has storage of 512GiB, that is 476 GB in reality. Almost identically, 256GB selling is 256GiB in storage, which holds actual storage of nearly 238GB, whereas 128GB selling is 128GiB, whose literally usable storage is 119GB. 

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