Android Auto Update Has Reportedly Caused Audio Quality Degradation

After grabbing its new update, Android Auto needs help with a cause by which the audio quality of the music gets muffled and sometimes even cut down exceptionally, especially when the users use Google Assistant, phone calls or other features. Updates bring new features for enhancing the user’s experience, but the latest update of Android Auto has got problems. It is also rumoured that Google might not fix this issue. 

Android Auto is for the convenience of the users. It is known for some of its key features that are most used by users, such as mapping/navigation, using music applications as per the convenience on the Car’s screen and having access to a handy voice assistant. But unluckily, those haven’t been running nicely, with a recent upgrade effectively destroying sound quality. 

According to the reports, some of the users have claimed that they have noticed degraded audio quality while streaming music through Android Auto, but the fact is only after using Google Assistant or phone calls. It has also come to light that everything goes perfectly fine when first starting up the Car and using the music system. But once using the Assistant or making a call, the quality of the music instantly goes down with muffle. Even the notification sounds also trigger audio quality. 

However, this issue seems manageable because the trouble only occurs in some scenarios. Apart from this, an ongoing problem with head units that use “ZLink” software first arrived late in August, with the update holding version number v10.0 and higher. Also, Google has previously said that the problem is being investigated. For more information, “ZLink” is a software constructed to run Android Auto, CarPlay and other platforms. 


Android Auto Coolwalk Update

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