Google Will Soon End Assistant Support On Wear OS 2 Watches

Google has recently made another new announcement. If the unknown is to be believed, the company’s Google Assistant feature is about to end on Wear OS 2 watches. From this, it can be speculated that one of the reasons for the company to do this may also be that it is trying to motivate users to upgrade their Wear OS watches. 

The company for Wear OS by Google smartwatch with a build number version released and stated that; “Google Assistant support on the watch will soon disappear. Please upgrade to a newer watch that supports Google Assistant and runs Wear OS 3 or higher.” 

Watches running on Wear OS 2 are the only ones using this Wear OS app, with the smartphone app responsible for moving around to OEMs. Just like it happens in Android phones and tablets, Wear OS 2 Assistant is charged through and updated with the Google application.     

In May 2022, the brand provided a new “Google Assistant” app on the Play Store on Galaxy Watch 4 even before arriving at the Pixel Watch in October and Fossil models in June. Stand in need of “Android 11 and up,” which offer a pretty new and modern design with the support of voice commands, which will surely enhance the user’s experience as well as letting them so many incredible tasks; 

It allows the users to manage their time; for instance, start a timer, set an alarm, or set a reminder. It also helps keep in touch with family and close ones by starting a call and sending a message facility. 

It helps users control their smart homes and turn on bedroom lights. It also offers the answer to the user’s question, such as where is the nearest hospital? What’s the temperature today? 

However, it has yet to be confirmed precisely when the company will remove the facility of Google Assistant on Wear OS 2. It is only confirmed that the company will do something like this right now. So, the users should upgrade their Wear OS watch before this happens. 


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Aakash Gour

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