YouTube Testing Playable Feature for Desktop & Mobile Devices

In June, YouTube began internal testing of a product called “Playables” for playing online games. Additionally, an arcade game is being tested internally by the staff. Now, Google is reportedly planning a new gaming initiative inside YouTube with the “Playables” feature. Additionally, the company offers Playables features for public users.

According to Team YouTube, YouTube is testing a new ” Playables ” experience for playing games online. This new gaming feature can be accessed from the YouTube app/website on both “mobile devices or desktop computers”.

How to Experience the Playable Feature on YouTube:

Specifically, if you want to participate in this experiment, you’ll see a section called “Playables” on YouTube and other content on the Home feed. Significantly, the company is initially testing it with limited users. With this feature, users can view and control the progress of saved games in their Playables history and YouTube history.

What are YouTube feature experiments?

YouTube teams regularly test new tools and features to help you discover, view, share, and create content more easily. These test features are sometimes called “betas” or “experiments”. Also, these features are usually available for a short time and only to a small group.

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In August, the US tech giant also tested new features and tool on YouTube, which includes more search-by-song capabilities on Android, channel shelf in the Subscriptions feed for multiple uploads, Q&A stickers for Shorts on mobile, automatic ‘key concepts’ for learning-related videos, new “For You” section on channel homepages, new channel page layout, and more.


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