OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 14 New Feature In Changes

OnePlus, for the past couple of weeks, has been introducing OxygenOS 14 Alpha builds for OnePlus smartphones. Finally, the brand has rolled out the first OxygenOS 14 Alpha build for the OnePlus 10 Pro. The update has brought numerous new features and improvements for the betterment of the device and enhancing its function and performance. 

The latest OxygenOS 14 Alpha build for the OnePlus 10 Pro device has arrived with its identification build number, which is  NE2211_14.0.0.43(EX01), whereas the benchmark & CPU benchmark results on OxygenOS 14 first Alpha build shows; multi-core scores are 1635 and single core scores are 3905. With this latest Alpha build, all the bugs get fixed, and the performance of the device gets improved. 

What’s New With OxygenOS 14 First Alpha Build 

The update has brought lots of new features and improvements to this article. Let’s discuss all the latest and noticeable features that have arrived with the update; first, improvement has appeared on the lock screen, the dial pad changes with the update, and now the greyish background will appear on the screen. With this update, while the smartphone is charging, the charging animation pops up a sound, and the charging percentage ratio on the lock screen is much less visible than the previous version. 

Another noticeable feature with the latest update has been added in the sidebar named File-Disk, which is a convenient feature. The camera UI just got revamped with the update, except the UI, where no other improvement has occurred in the camera. A new change is in the Gallery now; the users can add a watermark for every image as per their requirement, which is available in the Gallery. Now, while sliding the Alphabet bar on the right side of the screen, the text will appear in black with a white background and vice-versa if the phone is set on dark mode.  

In the sounds and vibration, the users can use an alert slider on the side of the phone to switch between modes. The customization options also get improved with the update, which has three new AOD styles named carbon footprint, which assures that walking 10,000 steps can reduce carbon emissions up to 1.74kg. Another recent change is intelligent suggestions for the always-on-display feature. Now, the security and privacy settings are together in one tab. The weather application also gets enhanced with the latest Alpha build, so now it will show more detailed weather information. 


OnePlus 10 Pro March 2023 Update

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