Android 11 Auto will Personalize Icons According to Your Phone Brands

Android Auto is one of the best connections your smartphone has with your vehicle on the road, like Apple CarPlay. It offers the real benefit of connecting your car to the internet, allowing you to keep your phone away from you, and it can also provide a host of information such as Google Maps,calling , massaging, entertainment, and much more.

While a longstanding downfall of Android Auto has been that its icons are the same circular icons, no matter which brand you can use, this will be changed into the latest versions.

While the whole point of Android Auto is to make your life simpler and your drive safer, Google focused on websites. 9to5Google first discovered that the icons on the screen had been the same for years, and that’s why they wanted to change them. In Android Auto 11.0, the icon displayed on the screen will change depending on which phone you plug into your car.

Currently, Samsung smartphones have been selected for testing; they can feel the changes, but it seems that this change will happen in all the phones.

9to5 Google’s Ben Shun plugged in his Oppo handset to see if Color OS’s square icons would translate to Android or not, but he doesn’t have confirmation on which device it will be using in its icon shapes on your head unit. As long as you have Android Auto 11.0, which is currently in beta, you’ll be able to see this change.

However, some people may also see it in the latest stable release of Android Auto 10.9. So there could be a possibility of a change on the server side. And also, two weeks ago, Maps made some changes to the Android Auto version of its phones, such as that it will help you remember your parking spot more easily.

Android Auto 11

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