How To Check The Apple Charger Is Original? 

We often tend to buy cheap, counterfeit Apple chargers as they are available everywhere and are highly affordable. However, we then face certain issues regarding the charger, whether it stops working or the charging cable gets damaged, which is not worth it from the few cents you will save from buying the cheap/fake Apple charger.  

Although the fake Apple chargers look exactly similar to the original ones, at least from the outside, it isn’t easy to detect which one is the original charger. You have to check the components of the products to know their originality. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to find the fake Apple charger. These methods have been mentioned below:

What are duplicate iPhone chargers?

Fake iPhone chargers, also known as counterfeit chargers, are unauthorized replicas of genuine Apple chargers. These chargers are often produced by third-party manufacturers who attempt to mimic the design and functionality of official Apple chargers but do not adhere to Apple’s quality and safety standards.

Issues you will face in using the fake Apple charger:

 You may have certain issues like:

  1. It can damage your device.
  2. It might fall off, not attach or fit appropriately into your device.
  3. The connection end might get too hot.
  4. It might be incompatible with your device, making charging or syncing impossible.

How to spot a fake Apple charger?

You don’t have to buy or need special equipment to detect whether your Apple charger is fake or original. You can find it in some simple ways. Although the easiest way to start, you will also need the original products.

fake vs original apple charger


Starting with the Box, the outer packaging should have the Mfi badge. It will help in not buying the fake charger. However, several companies produce fake chargers and the fake Mfi badge on the Box.

Lightning to USB cable and connector:

You should look for the cable carefully, as detecting the fake cable from the original ones is very easy. The fake cables’ ends will be rough with quite unfinished looks, while the original cable will have golden or silver-colored ends at the connector and smooth and rounded ends.

Text and markings:

You should check whether the Lightning to USB cable “Designed by Apple in California” is intact seven inches from the USB connector. Also, look for the 12-digit serial number written after the text.

USB port:

The original power adapter has a special serial number on the back side of the USB port, but on the other hand, you will only notice an irregular orientation on the fake one, and there is no such serial number printed over it.


If you have seen it quite nicely, you will notice that the original Apple chargers are made up of stunning and solid material. In contrast, these fake chargers are made of metal-coated hollow plastic material with rough quality.


To be on the safer side, it is recommended to buy the original Apple charger or other accessories from Apple retailers. The fake ones not only tend to damage your device, but they can also generate a large amount of heat and burst or catch fire.

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